La Selva makes one-of-a-kind clothing from vintage Guatemalan textiles.

We travel across Guatemala and select handwoven fabrics to be transformed into our clothing. Each fabric is different, so each piece is unique. We comb through mountains of textiles to discover the pieces with the most creativity and craft. It's a labor intensive process, but it's a labor of love. Our designs focus on fit and high-end tailoring to bring out the raw beauty of the textiles, these swirling oceans of color that suddenly pop into vivid focus. We think they’re works of art.

La Selva means The Jungle.

The jungle is a place that's alive with connection, and La Selva is this kind of environment. It exists in the space between Guatemala and New York City, our two homes. It's a place where the rich tradition of textile design can be experienced in new ways. It's a place that believes in the potential of creating many unique things.

La Selva believes in giving back.

We donate a percentage of all sales to the the Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena, Guatemala's national textile museum. Their mission is to preserve textile traditions within Guatemala and to expand appreciation for them around the world. To learn more, visit