La Selva is proud to introduce our first ever artist collaboration - 6 limited edition Oeste Yoke Shirts featuring Brooklyn-based artist Rebeca Raney’s hand embroidery.  

“My Guatemalan textiles are so rich with tradition and technique, the creative possibilities are limitless. That’s why it was so exciting to work with my friend Rebeca. I gave her some of my blue fabrics from San Antonio Palopó to use as a canvas and what I got in return was a delightful surprise,” says La Selva designer Celina Paiz. The collaboration with her childhood friend, Brooklyn-based artist Rebeca Raney, is imbued with Raney’s signature whimsical style and meticulous take on hand embroidery. “I toiled over each of them for hours. It was really hard to stop, I was totally addicted!” added Rebeca. Rebeca Raney has been exhibited nationally and internationally and previously collaborated with the fashion retailer Madewell to create a capsule collection.